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7 Beauty Brands we Love Cuz They Love The Earth

With Earth Day just a hop, skip, and guilty conscious away, we’ve been dreaming up all sorts of ways we as individuals can reduce our waste, reverse the cycle, and generally be kind to Mother Earth. (After all, we shouldn’t just think about protecting the planet on April 22). As for the day-to-day, we’re giving our beauty cabinets (and our Netflix cue) a total overhaul, swapping out damaging ingredients and non-recyclable packaging for brands who care about the Earth as much as we do. Below, check out some of our favorite natural, eco-conscious, and/or Earth-loving beauty brands you can use every damn day.

Captain BlankenshipBased out of the Hudson Valley, this women-run brand has everything you need for skin, body, hair, and, as their website enticingly explains, the “senses.” Captain B doesn’t use preservatives, parabens, sulfates, or unnatural fragrances, and sticks to recyclable and reusable packaging. Plus, they have one of the best smokeless Smudge Sprays out there.

Kaia NaturalsKaia’s tagline is “healthy beauty for busy people,” which basically sums us up, so you knew it was gonna be on this list. They’re known for their bamboo charcoal deodorant, which controls odor, detoxifies, and is pitch black in color, which is cool. It’s non-toxic, cruelty-free, and biodegradable.

Milk MakeupWhat up fam. Milk Makeup isn’t just fresh, it’s fresh AF. This brand keeps their ingredients as natural as possible, with hydrating oils like jojoba, coconut, orange peel, and grape seed; not to mention natural fruit and vegetable butters. The line is over 70% vegan, 100% cruelty-free, and their packaging is recyclable. What’s not to love?

John Masters OrganicsSulfate-free, paraben-free, and mostly gluten-free and vegan, John Masters knows what’s up when it comes to taking care of the Earth and your hair. John had us at “guilt-free luxury,” but it was when we found out their line was housed in 100% recyclable packaging and used earth-friendly production methods that we were officially hooked.

Dr. Bronner’sA staple in the showers of moms and hipster dudes alike, Dr. Bronner’s all-in-one castile soap is a timeless classic. But the oversized put-it-on-everything soap isn’t their only claim to fame. The brand now boasts a full roster of organic and fair trade toothpaste, lotion, hand sanitizer, and coconut oil for cooking and moisturizing. Not bad, eh?

VerbVerb isn’t just a new hair care brand with a dope logo—though it is, indeed, both of those things. The Austin-born brand is also cruelty-free and never uses sulfates, parabens, or gluten in their products. Plus, that packaging is just cute AF.

Root ScienceWhat is it with these new eco-beauty brands being chic as hell? Root Science’s anti-artificial, anti-synthetic organic skin care is giving us all the minimalist feels. Sign us up.

Images via Dr. Bronner’s, Captain Blankenship, Kaia Naturals, Milk Makeup, John Masters Organics, Urban Outfitters, and Root Science

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