From daily customizable skincare to nano currents, LED therapy, and at-home lasers, these are the beauty gadgets you need to know now.



7 Bonkers Beauty Gadgets to Get Down and Nerdy With

The fusion of science and vanity is underway, and we’re not mad about it. We’ve always wanted to try microdermabrasion—and the thought of trying it out for the first time while reclining on our couch has us feeling giddy. Below, have a look at the beauty gadgets that are set to take over the industry. 

MAPO Beauty Mask

It’s the world’s first smartphone-connected mask that maps your skin needs—mostly hydration levels—and amps up your moisturizing regime. It started out on Kickstarter by a team of Parisian techies. Send them a picture of your face, and they will turn it into a 3D silicon cast complete with next generation sensors shooting beauty tracking info to your cell via Bluetooth. It also heats up at key points on your face to ensure maximum skin absorption. We guess the French really do know best. 


Romy Paris

WWD calls it a “Nespresso-like machine” and it surely looks like a coffee-maker—if that coffee-maker were using capsules filled with active ingredients to whip up face creams and serums in seconds. Answer the app’s questions and it will find the right mix for you. Hangover? Romy will make the perfect serum to kick those undereye baggies out! Routine stuff? Head straight to step two, where a custom moisturizer is instantly served. Running out of capsules? Don’t worry; Romy is one step ahead of you, and on it. Skincare doesn’t really get more customizable than this. 


Foreo Luna 2 & Iris

With 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute, this magic silicon brush removes 99.5 percent of last night’s makeup (or yesterday’s worries) from your face in less than a minute. One side exfoliates while the other encourages your moisturizers and serums to seep into your skin thoroughly and swiftly. Pick a brush style according to your skin type, and a color based on your mood. And then check out Iris, Foreo’s sister product that’s designed to turn your eye area into that of a baby’s. 


Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser

Using 365,000 pulses of ultrasound energy per second, this device ensures that your skin will fully absorb any skincare product you slather on. Just don’t forget to lather it in conducting gel that it comes with. 


Tria Age-Defying Laser

This is at-home laser treatment at its finest that pretty much gives you a new face, plump with fresh collagen and devoid of wrinkles and imperfections, in a mere two weeks. FDA-cleared, it uses light beams and is a fine alternative to spending an exorbitant amount on plastic surgery. 


Skin Inc Optimizer Voyage

When a beauty device summons the powers of NASA, you can be fairly certain that this is going to be the crème de la crème of skincare. The Optimizer Voyage uses not only the technology of NASA, but also Chromotherapy (LED) and low frequency therapy to keep you looking young. In LED speak, red light tends to amp up your collagen, yellow is known to even out skin tone, and blue keeps you acne-free. You only need to use this for ten minutes, twice a day, and in a circular motion over serum-clad skin, to see results fast.   


ZIIP Nano Current Device

This is one of the most popular beauty gadgets on the market today. Nano currents work at a cellular level, lifting your skin and purging it of any imperfections. And while it is pre-programmed, you can also pick from their other “cocktails” on the app menu.


Images via Pinterest, Wallpaper, SkinStore, FutureDerm,, Allure, and W. Lead graphic by Ashley Britton.

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