Today and every day, we salute the legend that is Martin Luther King, Jr.



7 IG Tributes to MLK That Honor His Legacy

54 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech (one of many) that changed the world in ways he couldn’t possibly have predicted: now, half a century later, “I Have a Dream” is just as relevant as ever, and it’s his persistence, integrity, and mission that we pay tribute to now, today and every day. Especially appropriate in our current political climate, MLK’s message of peace, love, and equality, continues to ring true.

Last year we remembered the King for his fight for democratic socialism; this year, we’re raising a glass on Instagram, because #2017. Peep the full roundup below. Cheers to you, MLK! May we never forget your passion or your politics.


Gratitude in a ‘gram.

Today We Celebrate You. Thankful For All You've Done. Thank You! #MLK Day.

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Chris Rock

Stand up for what you believe in.

The king

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Dwayne Wade

MLK’s dream for peaceful equality lives on.

I have the same DREAM! Thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr!

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Alicia Keys

A legend honoring another legend—Nina Simone sang “Why?” to the tune of pure sorrow after MLK’s passing as a way to pay tribute to his legacy.


Deuces up to the King.

✌️ deuces up for his guy today , Hard to find a hero like this anymore.

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Ken Jeong

The best response to hate? Love.

‪Happy #MLKDay  from all of us at #DrKen @DrKenABC ‬

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Gabrielle Union

The fight for freedom continues—as does MLK’s legacy.

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