We've rounded up our top seven favorite artists that have used their passion for pot to make wildly impressive works.



7 Works of Weed Art You Have to See to Believe

We’re all about using alternative materials to make art. We’re especially about it if it means you can smoke said materials. Which brings us to the topic at hand: weed art. Which is, funnily enough, a thing—and one we’re certainly not mad about. Whether it be a masterfully crafted joint (which is a work of art in itself, is it not? Mom, don’t answer that) or a dank portrait, weed art is a form of creative expression that we accept with open arms. Below, we’ve rounded up our top seven favorite artists that have used their passion for pot to make wildly impressive works. 

1. Vivi Mac

French artist Vivi Mac is best known for using “spilled” food and drinks to create awe-inspiring portraits of household names like Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. But when she swapped out her usual materials for weed, the result was a mind-blowing testament to her artistic skills—regardless of the medium. Mac’s cannabis-crafted Bob Marley and Dr. Dre portraits are so good, it’s hard to believe she didn’t draw them by hand.

Visual News, Vivi Mac

2. SheSmokesJoints

Known as SheSmokesJoints, her rather unambiguous internet moniker, artist Courtney (last name TBD) likes a good fatty, and from the looks of her bud-laden Instagram feed, is not afraid to admit it. Instead of fashioning works out of marijuana leaves, however, Courtney uses cannabis extract as her medium—which can come in the form of glass, wax, or honey oil. It’s all part of a new art fad called “dab art,” and in Courtney’s case, has resulted in spectacular works such as the delicate, golden “Dab Rose” pictured below that’s honestly too mesmerizing to even think about smoking.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 2.51.58 PM

3. Jason Mecier  

As any dutiful pot smoker knows, there’s perhaps no one in the world who loves weed more than Snoop Dogg. And so when artist and presumable weed enthusiast Jason Mecier decided to make a nice portrait of the king of kush using nuggets of weed, it felt like an apt choice. It also, interestingly, seems like an incredibly accurate depiction of what an X-Ray of Snoop, from the neck up, would look like. 

Buzzfeed, Jason Mercier

4. Tony Greenhand

With 156K followers on Instagram, Tony Greenhand has turned his weed art into less of a passion-pastime type thing, and more of a career. And with good reason; the dude can fashion literally anything and everything out of joints. He’s made a gold chain out of joints, an avocado, strands of DNA, a menorah, and even the late Harambe out of joints (yes, the gorilla). It’s all very unbelievable and looks very similar to papier-mache. We’re still not sure how one would smoke them, but we’re starting to think that’s not exactly the point. 

Instagram @TonyGreenhand

5. Fernando de La Rocque

Using perhaps the most unique weed-related medium we’ve seen yet, Brazilian artist Fernando de La Rocque makes rather sophisticated drawings out of nothing but weed smoke. After placing a stencil over paper, the artist simply lights one up, and blows the smoke onto the stencil—and you can watch the entire process here. The result is a perfectly charred image and one very stoned artist.

Weedist.com, Fernando de La Rocque

6. Tyler Remikie

Taking a simpler approach, artist Tyler Remikie makes beautiful works of art by sprinkling marijuana onto a blank canvas. On his YouTube channel, Remikie documents his entire process for his viewers, and we highly recommend you check it out. 

YouTube, Tyler Remikie

7. Raquel Hernandez

Wearable art is dope, but wearable weed art is even doper, and nail artist Raquel Hernandez is one of a very few beauticians who has successfully incorporated weed into her nail designs. By sprinkling pot onto the nails and then covering them with a clear, glossy finish, Hernandez takes manicures to new heights. Mix a little glitter in and you’ve basically won at life. 

Instagram @raqstar_nails

Images via Visual News, Twitter, Buzzfeed, Weedist, KMTR, The Daily Dot, YouTube and Instagram.

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