Boom Boom Re-Opening Party

"We have to support all the Swedes in packs," quipped Alexander Skarsgård as he squeezed into an elevator of Boom Boom for the first American Fendi O’ concert, starring Lykke Li. The "True Blood" star had an entourage of five and by the time he arrived at The Standard at 10:35 pm, the room was pretty much packed. James Murphy of the late, great LCD Soundsystem was on the turntables, and everyone else was hunting for good spots and glasses of Champagne.

Guests sure were thirsty at the 18th-floor re-opening and didn’t hold back at the Möet et Chandon bar. Some familiar faces said they actually had reason to celebrate: Lindsey Wixson was beaming from a productive day of fittings, Paul Haggis was genuinely excited to hear some Swedish pop (who isn’t?), and stylist Logan Horne was a happy camper for having bought a Missoni for Target bicycle.

Li finally went on after midnight as the approving crowd led by jeweler Waris Ahluwalia roared with delight. But not everyone stayed for the performance. "I have a new puppy at home," said Elettra Rossellini Wiedeman as she was exiting. "I feel guilty for leaving her for even an hour. Even if it’s for Boom Boom.”

Check out the The Standard gallery to see more photos from the night!

  • Photo by Billy Farrell/BFA

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