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7/10/17: Your Weekly Activist Events Roundup

The weather forecast for this week predicts thunderstorms and rainfall, though we’re calling for a few chill events that you can take part in to stand your ground socially and politically. This week you can express your activism by way of queer art, environmentally conscious volunteering, and discussion. We also continue to bring forward a daily action that you can do with just a text, call, or push of a button. See below!

Daily Action


This Daily Action is a followup to last week’s, which asked the public to call Senate Republicans and urge them to vote against the healthcare bill that is putting so many at risk. Then, we had two Republicans on our side; today, we have 10. Further, a pro-Trump group’s rally for the bill was cancelled due to lack of interest—Yes! We are on the right track, but can’t stop here. Call 844-241-1141 to reach the members of the Senate committee with jurisdiction on this bill and tell them to fight against it. We must step forward in drafting a bipartisan bill that will actually pass in place of this threatening one. To receive Daily Action alerts, text DAILY to 228466.

Saturday, July 15

CurlfestWhat: Curly Girl Collective stands as an organization that aims to provide experiences for young women of color to “harness the energy of the natural hair movement.” In doing so, they are hosting Curlfest, which they claim is the “biggest, hottest #naturalbeauty festival of the entire year,” boasting a crowd of amazing curls and braids with fashion vendors, games and giveaways. Sounds FOMO-inducing, but if that’s not enough to convince you, it’s free. How about now?

When: 10am – 7pm

Where: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY 11225

For more info and updates, click here

More Gay Secrets of the Met – Hidden LGBT Stories ContinueWhat: While this may not explicitly scream activist event, supporting the arts, and particularly that of the queer variety, is just as important. The Metropolitan Museum of Art continues their series, “Secrets of the MET” ,with a brand new edition lead by Professor Andrew Lear. The tour highlights pieces within the museum that share themes of homoerotica, from sculptures to Greek portraits to modern art.

When: 4pm – 6pm

Where: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1000 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10028

For more info and updates, click here.

Sunday, July 16

Central Park Clean UpWhat: Calling those with green thumbs and big hearts, while calling out those who enjoy Manhattan’s forest, but not enough to take care of it—a volunteer day organized by the New York Aggies aims to give back to the heart of the concrete jungle by cleaning up around the park. If you’re in need of good karma or just something good to do on Sunday, you’ve just found it.

When: 10am – 1pm

Where: Central Park, New York, NY 10022

For more info and updates, click here.

Trans Literacy Project/PanelWhat: Honest Accomplice is hosting a free screening of The Trans Literacy Project, videos series providing communities with an accessible education about trans experiences, from the perspective of trans people. The content will touch upon pronoun usage, appropriate questions, and how to show support as an ally. Along with the valuable education, there will also be a Q&A and refreshments.

When: 12pm – 2pm

Where: The Tank, 151 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036

For more info and updates, click here

Featured image courtesy of Clothe Your Neighbor

Stay tuned to Milk for more ways to stay active in expressing your voice and demanding your rights.

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