Rundown on Ranya

As Sasha, Natalia, Natasha, and Vlada have graduated to superstar status, there’s been a shortage of Russian girls on the runways lately. Enter Ranya Mordanova–a can’t-miss Siberian face that effortlessly stole our hearts at Costello Tagliapietra. Here’s the lowdown on the fair-skinned beauty, straight from the girl herself:

“I just started dabbling in art. I’m not on the painting level, but I’m getting there.”

“The only music that I’m obsessed over is of Russian bands you won’t be able to pronounce anyway.”

“I try to have Starbucks with my breakfast. Today I had hot chocolate!”

“You didn’t see me much last season because of Visa problems, but I’m back in stride now.”

“The guys in my building play pool a lot on my rooftop. And I’m becoming alarmingly good at it!”

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