Designer Diaries: Katie Gallagher - Entry 5

Those who can do. Those who can’t… should take a lesson from Katie.

Katie Gallagher: Since everyone is ready for fashion week, everyone is thinking about what to wear: here’s my suggestion. Wear a fucking t-shirt and get over yourself!

Fine, we can make it cool.

Here are Thirteen Steps to making a Katie Gallagher Metal Tee.

  1. Find a great band t-shirt. Make sure it’s a band you actually know, love, and respect; not your boyfriend’s t-shirt, not a Slayer shirt from some vintage store on St. Marks; make it something you love. I’ve procured my awesome Akitsa t-shirt from my friend Dominick’s store Hospital Productions . Remember: death to false metal!

  2. Cut the sleeves off the shirt; follow the overlock seams.

  3. Cut the neck and bottom hem off the shirt.

4.Fold the shirt in half along the center-front, and cut down the sides to get a front and back piece.

  1. Cut this shape out. It should look like a Christmas ham.

  2. Fold the back piece along the center-back. Cut this shape out. It should look like a much smaller Christmas ham, or half of a wife-beater.

7.If you made this shape, you’re good! That’s the armhole. It’s an egg inside a steak.

  1. Line up your five new pieces on the floor. You are free to take a nap.

  2. And now SEW.

  3. Put the right sides together and use an overlock machine to stitch the pieces; you can also use a straight-stitch zigzag if you have a home machine.

  4. Don’t fuck up!

  5. If you haven’t fucked up, you’re ready to safety-stitch all the ends of your shirt. This will keep any overlock stitch from separating. We’re not finishing any hems; jersey rolls up so nicely.

  6. Wear it out! Looks good.

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