Karlie Kloss by Gabrielle Revere

Photographer Gabrielle Revere is nothing but compliments when she talks about Karlie Kloss. "She is the new face of fashion," Revere proclaims. The photographer spent the last five months documenting Karlie’s for a special edition of Life Magazine. "At first it was very hard to catch her off guard… she’s always on," says Revere. "But the more time we spent together the more she became herself and the easier it was to see that she was just like most girls her age." Following the supe du jour from Paris to prom, Revere gives us a candid look into the life of the fashion world’s new darling.
The Milk Digital retouching department was given the opportunity to work on the entire special-edition issue. "I have a very specific look that I want to create. With this being a documentary project, I wanted the photos to remain true to form and shooting on a digital camera doesn’t always do a moment justice. Jason Cannon [Milk’s digital retouching director] knows that look I am going for."

Photos By: Gabrielle Revere

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