NAHM Makes Its Grand Debut at Milk!

Everyone was waiting for the first proper presentation from Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger (the duo behind NAHM) and it finally came to fruition at Milk today.

"This is probably one of the biggest days of my life," beamed Hilfiger. "This is really a launch of me as an artist, as a creative person, as a designer. I feel like I’m graduating to something special."

Both of the designers were very hands-on this morning: Hilfiger personally polished all the model pedestals with Windex, while Manivong proudly applauded. "We both met at a mutual friend’s dinner party and we just sort of hit it off," he said. "We became instant friends, and Ally styled my past two collections, but I’ve decided to make a big change in my life and do something new."

Some of the very first showgoers today included Hilfiger’s proud papa Tommy, who abandoned his own men’s line preparation to lovingly rave about the duo. Meanwhile, Manivong explained his unusual uniform this afternoon: a scarlet Ohio State t-shirt. “I was born and raised in Ohio,” he explained. “This is my good luck charm.”

Photos courtesy of James Stone

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