Andrej Pejic in Lovecat

Lovecat Magazine is set to release its newest issue, which celebrates strong female leads of the silver screen. Dressed by Patricia Field in Patricia Field, model Andrej Pejic channels the sex bomb’s sex bomb, Marilyn Monroe. Lovecat met with Andrej to glean some insight into what he prefers at the box office:

Name: Andrej Pejic

Agency: DNA

Sign: Virgo

Age: 19

Hometown: Melbourne

What are some of your hobbies? Reading, writing, going out.

Favorite actress? Hilary Swank

Do you like scary movies? I prefer porn.

Favorite movie? "Citizen Kane"

Biggest fear? The right wing.

Favorite movie theatre snack? Water

Who is your fashion icon? Teri Toye

Guilty pleasure? Vodka

Favorite designer? Alexander McQueen

Favorite perfume? Thierry Mugler Womanity

How would you describe your personal style? Religious

Favorite city? Berlin

Photos By: Jacob Dekat & Prince Chenoa

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