Milk Artists: Andreas Englund

Andreas Englund’s paintings tell the story of a "not-so-perfect" superhero in the throes of great struggle…in every day life.

The unglamorous tale of an aging superhero unfolds as the Swedish born artist paints his hero into some sticky situations. From grocery shopping to choking hazards, Englund shows us that just because you are special it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to deal with the same issues as everyone else.

"Capturing the lives of ‘perfect people’ is boring and predictable. I like the human flaws and weaknesses. I need to see that in a character to believe in him, to care about him and to be interested in him." Englund tells us. "My hero is just like anyone else except for his unique powers."

To see more of the aging superhero and to get information about Andreas Englund’s upcoming exhibition taking place in Venice, California, visit his website (that is… if you can find time between your epic battle against the evil forces of tooth decay, filing taxes and dirty laundry.)

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