Artist-In-Residence: Trudy Benson

"You name it, I’ve probably used it. I use painters’ tape, hair pics, brooms, an airbrush, squeegees, palette knives, wall scrapers and even my own hands to apply paint. I’ll even sometimes fill up the palm of my hand with oil paint and hurl it at the canvas. Most of the time, I just use chip brushes from the hardware store."

Artist Trudy Benson speaking on some of the materials and tools used to create her newest body of work for her solo exhibition Actual/Virtual which opened Oct. 13th at the Mark Weiss Gallery. Benson’s talent was spotted early and her career has been on a steady rise ever since. Her latest collection was nearly sold out upon the shows opening.

Trudy has set up shop inside the walls of Mana Contemporary (a sister company of Milk Studios), the first major center for contemporary art in New Jersey, as one of their artist’s-in-residence. Trudy met with one of the editors of Mana Log, Mana Contemporary’s online editorial, to discuss the details of her opening and the inspiration for her latest body of work.

To read the interview and to check out some more work from Mana Contemporary’s artist’s-in-residence, click here

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