Natural Koncept: Creepin' for Life

It’s plain to see that in the last few years skateboard videos have been pumped up a bit and have rolled themselves away from their humble beginnings. The skateboard videos we were raised on, the ones where a few skateboard punks ride around with a shitty home video camera and film themselves trespassing in school playgrounds and church parking lots, are becoming harder and harder to find. Nowadays it seems like every skateboarder is followed by a steadicam operator as he rides his way to a rail that is surrounded by lighting equipment fit for a hollywood blockbuster.

For that reason alone, Natural Koncept‘s "Creepin For Life" is the breath of fresh air. Their video’s raw, their style is sick and the blood is real. Natural Koncept is a New York/Hawaii born skateboard company, and their latest video makes me feel like I am back in my best friends basement, watching my vhs copy of Toy Machine’s "Jump Off A Building". The realness of the filming is nostalgic, but you can see all the blood, sweat and skills these skaters put into the four year long project. Check out the video and tell me it doesn’t make you want to quit your job and pick up a deck.

It’s nice to know that no matter how big and bought out it gets, sometimes skateboarding still is a crime.

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