"Mom Dad" by Terry Richardson

It’s a pretty well known fact that Terry Richardson is always taking pictures. If you follow Terry’s Diary on Tumblr, you’ll see that he posts daily photos of everything that happens in his day-to-day. Giving the world access to every part of his life is what has helped to build Terry into the phenomenon that he has become. So it’s quite fitting that Terry would want to introduce his audience to a time in his life that they have yet to be overly exposed to- his family life.

"Mom Dad" is a collection of photographs of Terry and his parents. From loving and heartfelt to disastrous and comical, the photos on display don’t allow any piece of Terry’s time with his parents remain a "family affair". Having only had a few short years with his parents together, Terry said that "…it feels good to have the two of them back together again, even if it’s in a gallery and only for a little while."

We can safely say that his audience will feel the exact same way about his exhibition at Half Gallery.

Photos By: Eduardo Enrique Silva

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