Art Basel: Jonathan Mannion's "Classic"

Milk Made has set up camp at Miami’s Art Basel to bring you CLASSIC, a retrospective of Jonathan’s Mannion‘s most iconic works. Mannion is one of the most celebrate hip hop photographers in the industry: his his first solo shoot was for the cover of Jay Z‘s debut album Reasonable Doubt – and he’s been shooting the "urban legends" – Rick Ross, Biggie, Snoop – ever since.

He has also started collaborating with these musicians on one of the coolest takes on the "autograph album" we’ve ever seen: the exhibition also features one-of-a-kind prints of Mos Def, AS$P Rocky and Run DMC which have been completely transformed with their "signatures".

Mannion explains: “Mos Def and I have been talking about collaborating for a long time. We picked a print that inspired us both to be displayed at Basel and then he came by my studio to create the piece. The result is brilliant, personal and rich with meaning. I was very intrigued by the process and the way it allowed a lyricist to explore their creativity through a different medium. It gave us the opportunity to make something completely unique.

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