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A New York native, Pamela Love received her BFA from New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, majoring in film production with a concentration in art and public policy. After graduating, Love applied her studies and creativity as artist Francesco Clemente’s sole painting assistant and as an art director and stylist for photo shoots, music videos and films. Throughout these projects, Love often had difficulty finding jewelry that suited her taste. As a result, she began making her own pieces and soon realized she had found her calling.

Love has had a long interest in the historical and cultural significance of jewelry and the techniques used to create it throughout the world. “I love making things with my hands,” says Love, whose design process often begins by creating a model out of wax or clay. Love soon received attention for her original designs and it was not long before this newfound passion became a full time business.

Working with materials ranging from brass and leather to 14- karat gold and precious stones, Love defies traditional categories of fine or costume jewelry. Love draws her inspiration from many of her favorite artists, including Joseph Cornell, Lee Bontecou, Hieronymous Bosch, Alejandro Jodorowsky, and Francesco Clemente. Love’s creativity is fueled by her passion for nature and science as well as astronomy, astrology, religion, magic and folk jewelry. She also feels a deep connection to the American Southwest where she often travels for inspiration.

A life- long artist and designer, Love’s work is a direct reflection of her creative vision and original spirit. Passionate about both design and her craft, Love continues to experiment with unique and exotic materials and new techniques to make her challenging and extravagant designs a reality. Her jewelry collections, like Love herself, blend mystery with romance, reminiscent of stories both whimsical and dark.

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