The Milk Studios Christmas Party

It’s a good thing that the Milk Studios Christmas party happens at the end of the year, because all the other parties that happen that year would have to live in the shadow of the best party of 2011.

The night started off as it should, with champagne toasts from the New York chapter of the Milk Studios family for a year well spent. After a few more glasses and well wishes from the crew, a few brave souls drunkenly hit the ice skating rink of The Standard hotel, while others began to move the festivities inside of the Biergarten in hopes of staying warm and getting fed.

After a feast that could have fed a large army had been devoured and excessive amount of beer steins had been emptied, refilled and then emptied again, all of our friends and all of their friends began to pack themselves into the beer garden of hotel. Chelsea Leyland kept everything moving on the ones and twos and the Milk Digital party photo booth remained occupied with drunken strangers embracing one another while wearing santa hats and glasses that may or may not have been stolen from Bootsy Collins.

The culmination of all things inebriated and joyful made the night feel like the end scene of a movie where everything has worked out for the best and every character from the film ends up in the same room at the same time as they all begin dancing together in slow motion while the credits begin to roll.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Photos By: Carly Otness/ & Tyler Nevitt

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