Welcome To New York: Shattered Out In Wonder Valley

Some places demand to be photographed aggressively the instant they are discovered. Others seductively call back, almost by dare, with a challenge to capture the vibe hanging in the air, just off the ground and the feeling that lingers sometimes weeks, or years after leaving.

Shattered Out In Wonder Valley is a reaction to the emptiness, an acceptance of the dare and call to the haunting that never settled after a brief encounter deep in the high desert, nearly two decades ago.

Shot on film in 2011, Dave Raphael presents a glimpse of the echo of the small tract act of 1938 that is still reverberant under the Bullion Mountains today. A last frontier for freedom, a shelter from the heartbreak, a fast track to the slow down, a rebirth for the broken. The high desert always has been what was brought to it. And what was left behind.

11 Triptychs comprised of 33 monochrome photographs currently on display through 31 December 2011 at Klimat Lounge, 77 East 7th st. in NYC.

(Taken from the press release for Shattered Out In Wonder Valley)

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