Here Comes The Neighborhood, Episode 6

Here Comes the Neighborhood continues their series on graffiti artists decorating The Wynwood Walls with Episode 6. This time around the walls belong to property owner Tony Goldman and feature the work of artists Kunle Martins(a.k.a. EARSNOT) founder of the illustrious IRAK crew and Jesse Geller(a.k.a. NEMEL).

The two discuss the importance of “the signature” as a fundamental of life – “If you don’t know how to tag, you’re worthless” exclaims Geller. The interview touches upon graffiti language vs. art, impulsively stealing shoes and using cocaine as being synonymous with the graffiti lifestyle. Whether you agree with what they have to say or not, their dedication and drive seems relentless; this is exactly why they were chosen to participate in the project. They tag because, for them, it’s part of life. “If you respect it than others will also.”

In the wise words of Martins, “[Artists] can do what they do – this is what we do. Deal with it.” There’s no arguing with that.

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