Lisa Frank is back with a brand new coloring book—for adults.



90s Rainbow Queen Lisa Frank Is Dropping An Adult Coloring Book

Trying to be an adult can be a challenge when all you want to do is eat popsicles and listen to boy bands. Of course, there are alcohol-infused popsicles and we can stream Backstreet Boys whenever we want, wherever we want, but that just hasn’t been enough to fill the long-lasting void of ’90s nostalgia—until now. By some small, glitter-covered miracle, Lisa Frank is gifting the world with a coloring book for adults. That’s right. The maker of the rainbow stickers and school supplies that Mila Kunis like totally died over as a kid is making it easier than ever to avoid the pressures of adulthood with her newest venture.

The Color Me Lisa Frank books consist of the familiar kaleidoscope of colors, mixed with scenes of bunnies, unicorns, and castles that will make you want to pony up for quality hallucinogens. The queen supreme of your childhood may be well into her 60s now, but that isn’t stopping her from dragging us back into her world, one sparkly crayon at a time.

Are you ready to ride the rainbow and try in vain to color within the lines? The books will be dropping like a fire mixtape into your nearest Dollar General in July.

Stay tuned to Milk for more nostalgia. 

Images via Lisa Frank. 

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