A School Girl Crush

Photographer Andrew Stinson reminds us of how nice it was to take the long way home from school with a lovely young lady like Kate.


Look 1 and 2: Vintage sweater and leopard collar vintage, Topshop pant, Dries Van Noten sunglasses, Isabel Marant bracelet, Chloe flats

Look 3: Vintage cardigan, A Detacher dress

Look 4: Vintage fur and dress, American Apparel socks, Mayle clogs

Look 5: Isabel Marant coat, top and bracelet, Mayle pant

Look 6: Vintage jacket, Engineered Garments shirt, Mayle skirt

Look 7: Vintage sweater, Topshop blouse, Isabel Marant pant and pumps

Look 8: J. Crew sweater, Topshop shorts, Vintage bracelet

a collaboration between Andrew Stinson, Alicia Yates and Bernadette Pascua

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