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SUNO was first launched in 2008 by Max Osterweis after more than a decade of visiting Kenya and amassing a collection of vintage textiles. Max realized the prospect that Kenya’s recent post election turmoil might keep foreigners from visiting or investing in a country overflowing with natural resources, talent, and good will, which became the catalyst to actually do something with the collected fabrics.

SUNO was formed with the aim to build a successful and visible company that employs local Kenyan talent, treats workers fairly, and showcases some of Kenya’s artistry, and thereby affect positive and lasting social and economic change. Design and development for SUNO takes place in New York City; patterns and samples are then brought to Kenya where the garments are artisanally produced in small workshops.

Max Osterweis was born in San Francisco and studied film at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Erin Beatty, originally from Colorado and a graduate of UCLA and later Parson’s New School of Design, helped launch SUNO after design positions at the Gap and Generra.

Together, Max and Erin design SUNO with extreme attention to fit and color, embracing and evolving the bright worldly influence and inspiration behind their brand.

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