Welcome To Sundance: Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

Tim and Eric live in their own world with their own rules. Try describing their show to someone who hasn’t seen it before – it can’t be done! It’s too weird, too gross, too irreverent and too funny to place words on.

The short attention span entertainers translate perfectly to the big screen in their new film Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie. The team of directors take their spastic parade of nonsense to The Sundance Film Festival, losing nothing with their move to the big screen and gaining access to a shitload of new swear words and ways to make you feel nauseous. The film is kind of like a long psychedelic drug trip – you have the moments where you feel like kitty cats are tickling your insides, the moments where you want it to stop so things can be normal again, and the moments where you are just staring off into a void, completely oblivious to just how weird things around you have become.

Welcome To Sundance

The best part of seeing this at The Sundance Film Festival is the audience. There are the obvious die hard fans sprinkled throughout the theater, laughing themselves to tears, getting every reference the film makes. Then there are the older, puffy-coat wearing festival goers that buy packages of tickets months in advance and then turn up hoping for the best. Those are the people that made the film that much better for me. Watching couples turn to each other, confused and in disbelief made the experience of seeing the film all that more delightful. As these members of the audience wiggle in their seats, praying to God that the film will be over soon so they can rush to the closest juice bar and forget everything they’ve just witnessed, I feel myself enjoying the film that much more – because I one of the people that gets it.

I get everything they are doing and even when I don’t like it or feel like their ridiculous special effects are making me sea sick, I am still willing to take the ride with them. If it weren’t for being surrounded by the uncomfortable Sundance interlopers in the crowd, I wouldn’t have realized just how good it felt to be in on the joke.

Will you like Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar movie? I don’t know. It’s definitely not for everyone – thank God.

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