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The new Made Fashion Week app, in conjunction with Sonic Notify, allows users to view show schedules, tweet images, take notes, and curate custom look-books with high resolution photos that can be emailed in real-time — as well as access bios, contact, and sales information on every MADE designer. A great tool for editors, designers, buyers, and consumers alike, it gives users instant access to exclusive content and updated information using new over-the-air content transmission technology. Fancy, huh?

An audio signal, imperceptible to the human ear, will be broadcasted during each show and received by the user’s digital device. Users will be able to select a designer, see the date and time of the event, and as soon as the show begins, view designs in full-screen images as each look is displayed on the runway. New looks become available as soon as they appear in the show, and users receive an onscreen notification of the newest design upon its release, with the ability to scroll back and forth between images. After a show concludes, all looks will be archived and presented in thumbnail views with full-screen images of a particular look available upon tapping.

With its constantly updated photo streams and multiple features, the free app is a must-have at fashion week this year and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Click here to download the app now!

— Erin Kelleher

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