Kitsune | Big at The Standard

After a long day of shows (only day two people!!) it was lovely to head to The Standard or, as we call it this week, home, for a cocktail and spin on the dance floor with friends.

Kitsune, one of my favorite stores in Paris where you feel hip but don’t have to look hip if you catch my drift, is subtly creeping onto the American scene.

Was this party a preface to a store opening?

We hope so!

Grandpa Cator got there before the party started (it’s one of my weird ticks) and watched the place fill up. The disco ball was glittering and every outfit it spot lit was black. All black = a Parisian crowd.

And the best looking one there was Yaz Bukey in a pagoda shouldered black smoking jacket, massive diamond gold cross and… wait for it… tights.

We also spotted the gorgeous ladies Sabine Heller and Michelle Harper. We lost Sabine and Yaz at one point and couldn’t find them anywhere. We finally turned a corner and there they were locked out in some random hall, banging on the door and waving in the little window.

Such moments makes these parties amusing.

When the music went from Wonder Woman disco to Wu Tang I had to call it a night.

Come back Kitsune!

–Cator Sparks

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