It Girl MAC Attack

The amount of style that descends upon Made Fashion Week at Milk Studios is enough to blow your mind, especially with all of those glamour gals rocking bright red pouts and cat eyes in that perfectly imperfect way. This season, we came to them seeking knowledge. We asked a bevy of tastemakers to pick which MAC cosmetics help them achieve that chic, downtown look so maybe one day, we can too.

Alison Isbell
Product: Nail Lacquer in Rougemarie
“It’s the color of blood and stays on forever. What’s better than that?”

Jenne Lombardo
Product: Fix Plus Radiance
“I love MAC because it’s truly tested and created backstage, and I am all about the trends. This spray because it makes me feel radiant even though I’m totally exhausted!”

Yara Flynn
Product: False Lashes Mascara
“This mascara is totally voluminous and it makes me feel sexy and like a total babe."

Nianga Nahg
Product: False Lashes Mascara
I love everything about this mascara. I wear it everyday and it’s awesome at making me look not hungover when I am.”

Athena Calderone
Product: Fluidline Eyeliner Gel
“I am obsessed with this eye gel, it’s truly amazing, and Ruby Woo is the only lipstick I ever wear.”

Amis Garrigue
Product: Cremeblend Blush in BritWit
“I love this blush because it adds color and contour and it gives me a more youthful glow. And after a week of shows, I can use it.”

Melaney Oldenhof (photog didn’t like her)
Product: False Lashes Mascara
“I only wear mascara and lip gloss, so I need products that are going to do the job. This one does.”

Photos by Steve Stone.

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