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A British Musician Is Playing Lunch Meats On Record Players

British electronic musician Matthew Herbert has given me a new reason to look at spinning food–aside from shamefully staring at my microwaving pizza for a hungover breakfast. He has created a new project, commissioned by Science Gallery London, called “Edible Sounds.” He’s made records made out of cheese, ham, bread, and other foods, playing them as if they were vinyl. Personally, if I went to this performance I would confuse the records for a sandwich making station, eating the art in the process. It sort of happened; Herbert fed the audience his food records after his DJ set. Very punk rock.

Yummy, yummy records.

Herbert isn’t afraid of the experimental. He likes to take sounds from everyday life and turn them into music. On one of his albums, titled Plat Du Jour, he made sounds from things like 3,500 people biting into an apple at the same time and a tank driving over a recreation of the dinner that Nigella Lawson cooked for George Bush and Tony Blair. Badass.

As for the edible records, when played they sound like white noise, which is to be expected–when you drop a record player’s needle on a sweet potato, it’ll probably sound like nothing. Matthew’s next project should be actually making the food able to play songs, because I want to brag to my friends that I can play Blood Orange, off an actual blood orange.

Lead image by Kathryn Chadason. Additional photos via Fact Mag and Mix Mag.

Stay tuned to Milk for more tasty tunes.

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