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A Guide To The Perfect Pins and Patches, For All Your Denim Needs

Pins and patches are an essential part of DIY fashion, an easy, fresh way to spice up any outfit. We love rocking a cruel and unusual patch on a jean jacket, a mildly offensive pin on a lapel. But how do you up to date with the coming and going of rebellious pins? Follow me through the weed paraphernalia, the four-eyed chicks, and subtle nudity in this guide to the sickest pins and patches.


PINTRILL makes pins that are indeed, super trill. Their designs range from emojis to major pop culture figures like Drake (we really love their memorial Prince pin) to pins that are puns in and of themselves, like one of the Statue of Liberty’s torch that says “it’s lit.” They’ve collaborated with other young New York brands like Deer Dana, and are kind of a downtown mainstay; for Milk secret Santa, four different people accidentally gave each other PINTRILL goodies. We love!

#PINTRILL spotting ~ Hailey Baldwin + Lucky Blue Smith BTS @tommyhilfiger 📍👖 #HilfigerDenim

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Penelope Gazin

Penelope Gazin is the shop for bad girl pins, patches, and other highly important accessories (i.e. grinders). Gazin loves aliens, sex puns, and butts–lots of butts. Her shop was previously named Penelope Meatloaf, which was inspired by her late cat, also named Meatloaf, who always wore tiny hats. You can find all of the Los Angeles-based artist’s pins and patches on her Etsy shop.

Romantic bong- $12 brand new in the shop

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Meatloaf in a tiny hat!

Rip lil cowgirl

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Burrito Breath

Burrito Breath, AKA Phil Guy is known for his crude text,  four-eyed chicks, and goofy dudes that are high as a goddamn kite. Most of his artwork is fart-related, and you can find it all on his rad website.

@jennabellabat has mighty fine taste when it comes to accessories. gotta make a new girly pin soon.

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Hello Thunderpuss

Meet Amber McCall, the mastermind behind Hello Thunderpuss. Her artwork features wide-eyed, cute-yet-creepy creatures. Most of them are pretty perverted–amazingly so. She’s also a boss at stop-motion animation. You can find all of her work on Etsy.

Spooky naughty enamel pins still available on my etsy shop! 🎃 #Halloween

A photo posted by Amber McCall (@thunderpuss) on

Robin Eisenberg

Robin Eisenberg is a designer and artist based in Los Angeles. Her shop is full of neon colors and on-point cultural references, featuring the likes of Nicki Minaj and Larry David (she seems like @OfficialSeanPenn’s twin soul). You can find all of her pins, patches, and nail tattoos on her website.

Image via Penelope Gazin

Stay tuned to Milk for more DIY fashion.

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