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A Hot Minute With Amanda Lepore

Where New York nightlife is concerned, Amanda Lepore reins supreme. She’s been a trailblazer in the fashion scene before the inception of street style, and challenges gender norms like 2 Chainz changes outfits (re: a lot). As the self-professed “most expensive body on earth,” she takes an admirable, no-fucks-given, self-assured approach—and one we could all learn something from.

Before the show…

Can I ask you about what you’re wearing? Your butt is out.

My friend, Jimmy Halvin gave it to me—he’s a designer in San Francisco. And my shoes are Louboutin.

Oh my God I love them. Are you excited for the show today?  


Have you gone to any good shows this past week? 

Just my own parties at The Box.

It’s the ten year anniversary coming up for The Box, right?


Thank you!

 After the show…

What did you think of the show?

I loved it. I love sparkly things.

What would you want to wear the most? 

I liked the dress at the end [the floor-length dress covered in pink glitter]. And I liked the corset with the fur.

I loved the corset with the fur. I can see you in the red velvet corset. 

I liked that too.

I love your outfit, it’s amazing. You told me who makes it, but since it’s bottomless, I was wondering what you thought of the rise of the butt in pop culture? 

I’ve always liked it. I love hourglass bodies—tits and waist and ass. The ratio is really important to me. And a part of my lifestyle.

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