We caught up with Andrew Schoultz at his latest installation, Infinity Plaza.



A Hot Minute with Andrew Schoultz

Welcome to Miami, Milk fam. We’re officially in the throes of Art Basel’s preliminary days, and as we made our way through the Juxtapoz Clubhouse’s surrounding scenery earlier this afternoon, we happened upon none other than our boy Andrew Schoultz, burger in hand. Standing before his latest project Infinity Plaza (a psychedelic series of skate ramps created in partnership with Juxtapoz Magazine‘s collaboration with Milk), we picked his brain under the beating sun for a (literal) hot minute. Check out what he had to say (and hit us up on Snapchat for some behind-the-scenes footage via @milkstudios).

If you had to pick a favorite part of this whole installation, what would it be?

Hard to say. I like the blown-out wall piece a lot, I mean really I like it all. I guess for me I’m looking at it more like the lines that you’d skate it, so to be able to hit these four things in a row, so to me that looks like my favorite.

What’s your plan for later today?

We’re trying to get some photo stuff done here and maybe even skate it, but we’ll see.

Favorite candy?

I don’t eat candy!

No candy?! What’s your guilty pleasure then?

Hm, probably listening to Don Henley [laughs].

Would you rather skate this entire thing naked OR jump in a bath of ice water for ten minutes?

I don’t know if I want to choose either of those things, but I don’t think you’re gonna catch me skating here naked…so I guess the ice bucket then probably.

Featured image courtesy of Akhil Sesh

Stay tuned to Milk for more hot minutes from this year’s Juxtapoz happenings.

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