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A Hot Minute With Charli XCX

The crowd at Adam Selman’s Fall/Winter ’16 show at MADE Fashion Week was totally eclectic, a mix of actors and musicians and artists of all stripes. But a standout star was stylish pop star Charli XCX. Dressed down from yesterday’s stunning ivory Vivienne Westwood gown, the English songstress and activists was ready to party at the show. We caught up for a quick chat before between Yeezy and Selman, just before we were kicked off the runway for the show. Read on!

Is this the first show you’ve been to so far?

No, I was just at the Yeezy show, and now I’m here at Adam Selman.

How was Yeezy?

It was definitely an experience. It was great. The record was great and the clothes were great.

I loved your feminist documentary about feminism in music. What has the response been like?

The response was really positive. I managed to speak to some really amazing artists, and their viewpoints came across excellently in the documentary, and I was really happy with it. And I mean, I think I’m not gonna make another documentary, but I think I’ll always be a feminist. So I think that’s active.

It was fantastic. I love your Adam Selman skirt!

Yes! Me too!

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