A Hot Minute with Coco Rocha

Supermodel and MADE Fashion Week favorite Coco Rocha is hitting the shows for the first time as a mom. We were taken in by her lipstick, a dark burgundy against pale skin, and her chic white suit. Between answering texts about her baby, Ioni, we got the stunner’s take on her close friend Marissa Webb‘s clothes, and what fashion week is like as a popular glamazon.

Are you wearing Marissa Webb?

I am wearing Marissa Webb, I love her to death – and I’m not just saying it because I’m sitting here watching her show. I literally wear her clothes every day and she has even created some pieces for me this fashion week just to wear around. This being one of them.

This is your first fashion week as a mom. Are you bringing your daughter to the show?

She’ll be coming around. I don’t know if she’ll be sitting or anything, but I’m sure you’ll see her around. We can’t keep away from her.

Are there any shows in particular you’re looking forward to this week?

Well just to hang out and see friends that are designers that I like to support. It’s definitely always a last minute, like, ‘Can you fit me in?!’ But yeah, I always say that Fashion Week, especially September, is like high school reunion – seeing people you haven’t seen in a year or two.

Check out when we last spoke to Coco, with Steven Sebring, and stay tuned for more hot minutes. 

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