A Hot Minute With Common

We already knew Common was extraordinarily talented — the Chicago native has made some of our favorite rap music ever, and we’re especially partial to his time with the Soulquarians. As an actor, Common starred in AMC’s Hell on Wheels, and has made appearances in hit movies like Selma and Now You See Me. An Oscar and Grammy winner, we think Common is well on his way to EGOT-ing. He’s obviously handsome, and in person he is insanely hot, the fire emoji personified. We swallowed our nerves and went over to chat with him about his fashion week thus far.

How are you liking MADE Fashion Week so far?

I’m excited about it, and I always get inspired when I get to come—especially when I get to come to shows and see styles that inspire me. Being here at Baja East is such a fresh thing. I love it. I get attracted to beautiful creativity and art. It’s just being around New York at this time that creates such a good feeling. It’s a motivational feeling that New York has always brought to me. Fashion Week heightens it because you have so many artists coming through.


Now when I say artists I mean fashion stylists, designers, and all of that.

Yeah, definitely. Have you been most hype for Baja East or is there anyone else you’ve been keeping your eye on?

I love Public School and Baja East. Those are two of my favorites.

I know you’re wearing Baja East right now. Are you wearing any other designers?

Nah, just Baja East all day every day.

Common shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle. Check out our other hot minutes here

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