We caught up with photographer Gunner Stahl at the 1800 Tequila x Billboard party during Art Basel.



A Hot Minute with Emerging Photographer Gunner Stahl

Portrait photographer Gunner Stahl is as chill as they comeand that’s exactly how we found him on the tail end of Art Basel 2K16 at the 1800 Tequila x Billboard party on the beach: laying low. As expected, he was quietly taking in the scenery from a corner vantage point under the Up&Down tent as the event celebrated his work in the Hip Hop Through the Lens of Photography exhibition, out of the spotlight and under the cover of anonymity. And when opportunity arises, we move fast: it was the perfect opportunity for us to slide in and snag a hot minute with him.  

Can you tell us a little about the work you’re showing tonight?

It’s all just portraits of basically the past year.

Seems like you’re the king of behind the scenes shots…

Am I? [laughs]

Yes! People would kill to get access to those places—what’s your secret of capturing all those moments?

Really the moments just come from real relationships. I actually know these people, so I feel like that makes it easier on them to know the people who are taking the pictures ‘cause they trust me.

What’s better film or digital?



You can’t see film. Anyone can take a picture and show it to the artist and he can be like ‘oh yea that’s cool’ but with film, you actually get to go back and relive moments.

We hear there’s a FADER documentary in the pipeline on your work. How did that come together?

The FADER is my family; they’re probably the only publication that’s just supported me every step and it’s crazy. Even when I was just working a regular job and I was like, “Yo I wanna work with FADER, I don’t want some other one.” I feel that they were the only true publication left. I just did their last cover, and before that I did pictures for Gucci that got printed, and I did pictures of Metro Boomin.

You’ve done so much in such a short amount of time, what’s next?

Honestly I don’t know. I can’t tell you what’s next because I don’t know what’s next. Anything I’ve done has never been planned at all.

Image courtesy of Cole Giordano

Stay tuned to Milk for more highlights from Art Basel 2K16. 

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