A Hot Minute With iLoveMakonnen

ILoveMakonnen is responsible for one of the most enduring bangers of the past few years. He graced us with his presence at the Fat Jew runway show, where he was the elite of the dad crowd, admiring the non-traditional models from the center of the front row. We caught up with him to talk about partying through fashion week, even on days that aren’t Tuesday.

What did you think of the show?

It was great, it was funny.

Any particular look you would rock?

The barbecue dad.

He was my favorite too! What else have you been to this fashion week?

Just a whole bunch of parties and after hours stuff. I just woke up, I just started my day again.

What has been the most fun?

I don’t remember! (laughs) I try to wake up every day and have more fun than the day before.

That’s a good way to live! Do you have any music coming soon?

Yeah I actually gotta go to the studio tonight to finish some stuff.

That’s exciting!

Yeah but I wanna party and hang out more.

I see you’ve got your Skate Outta Compton shirt. Did you see the movie?


Did you like it?

Ehhh…it was alright (laughs). No, it’s just being in the industry it’s like, ‘they were making so much more money back then, even though people were fucking stealing,’ but still…

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Makonnen photographed at The Fat Jewish by Andrew Boyle

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