A Hot Minute with Lady Bunny

It’s been well established that The Blonds bring out the literal best crowds of MADE Fashion Week. But even with that in mind, it was a true blessing to see the legend, the Queen of Queens, the one and only Lady Bunny sitting front row. We chatted with the lady with the biggest hair in the room about fashion, the size of our pockets, and what she has in common with singer Susan Boyle.

Why do you like coming to The Blonds so much?

Wait a minute, what are you pulling out of your pocket there?! Inches? Feet? Yards?!

It’s just my phone, but for you I’ll get a yardstick.

I love it!

So, why do you like coming to The Blonds so much?

Because their stuff is flashy and made for performers to stand out. It’s not like cotton or floral prints or anything diminutive. It makes a strong statement that usually has something to do with glitter, the future, Bob Mackie & always show business.

Are there any other shows during fashion week you feel that do that?

Well I’m not going to pretend that they all invite me. Although there was an article in the New York Times last week that said fashion shows were not fun like they were in the 90’s, when I used to go out to a lot of them. And they’re meant to be! So maybe a few more might want to invite old Bun-Bun. There’s nothing like a pig in a wig in their front row.. and I don’t mean Miss Piggy – although I do get confused for her.

No! You’re so much more sparkly!

Well you know Susan Boyle and I have a lot in common…

What’s that?

Neither one of us looks good dressed up as a woman.

Do you ever get dizzy spinning around so much?

Was I spinning? I feel nothing on the pain pills. Nothing, no heal, no pinching from the girdle, no testicles shoved up into the ass…need I go on?

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Photography by Andrew Boyle

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