Leandra Medine, aka Man Repeller, at Brock Collection.



A Hot Minute With The Man Repeller

Leandra Medine is a constant front row fixture, so it was no surprise when we caught the Man Repeller in her natural habitat, sitting front and center at the Brock Collection Fall/Winter ’16 fashion show at MADE Fashion Week. After admiring her silver sparkly shoes, we stole a minute to talk about fashion week, Animal Planet, and everyone’s favorite “Friday” singer, Rebecca Black.

What’s been your favorite snowed-in winter activity this year?

Probably hanging out in bed, eating cereal, and watching bad TV. I guess not necessarily bad TV, but mostly I watch Animal Planet—it’s really fun.

Did you see the videos of Snoop Dogg narrating Animal Planet shows?

I haven’t seen them but it sounds pretty great.

I definitely recommend it. Is there anything you’re looking forward to this fashion week?

Nothing in particular—I actually always find it an interesting question, because I think the most compelling moments of fashion week are the ones that are unexpected.

If you could do music for any runway show, what show would you do and what would you choose?

I am definitely not the person to do music for a show, Rebecca Black is still a musical point of reference for me, so I don’t think anyone would want me to pick their tunes.

Noted. Is there any artist or song that will always get you on the dance floor?

Probably some sort of Frank Sinatra remix, a new take on a classic.

What is one thing you never leave the house without?

My heart.

Leandra Medine photographed at Brock Collection by Andrew Boyle.

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