Two of the most fashionable queens of all time.



A Hot Minute With RuPaul's Drag Race Contestants Miss Fame and Violet Chachki

Before Pyer Moss‘ politically-charged FW16 show at MADE Fashion Week , a crowd of fashion week veterans and stylish newcomers flowed into the Milk Studios to escape the cold. Among the familiar faces, we spotted Miss Fame and Violet Chachki—two of the most fabulously rambunctious queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. We grabbed the duo as they were serving some face for a quick hot minute before the show started.

You guys look great!

Both: Thank you so much!

Is this the first fashion week show you guys have been to?

MF: I was at Chromat out here yesterday and it was MAJOR. It was so good. The presentation was a show—it was a real show. It was amazing.

VC: This is my first Fashion Week show for this season so I’m excited to start it off with my bestie!

What are you guys looking forward to?

MF: Like I said with Chromat, I really love production value like that. I think Milk is a good place to do that at. It’s always good to see shows here because it’s a space to really do production value. I like showmanship. And I want to see what’s coming out so I can inspire my next collection myself.

VC: Be on trend, yes.

MF: Be ahead of the game.

Are you guys going to any parties?

MF: Absolutely.

VC: Are we talking about this week or throughout the week or tonight?

Throughout the week?

MF: Yeah, I’m a party girl for sure. I love the afterparties. It’s great for networking. It’s great just to go out and be featured and be seen, and just to be around like-minded people. I think it’s just fun.

What’s your favorite type of music?

MF: Oh gosh! It’s really depends on the mood honestly. I love to go out and hear something to dance to because I love to dance, but I like to chill out and hear something a bit smoother. It really depends. My phone has a bit of everything. Of course, I have some Lana Del Rey and some Adele.

VC: I feel like in every genre, there’s really good music and really bad music. Right now, I’ve been listening to Purity Ring, FKA twigs, Presets, and Sebastian Bach. I do some throwback too. I like to do Marc Almond and Soft Sound and throw back to the electro 80s/90s moment as well.

Some like it hot. If that includes you, check out more Hot Minutes.

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