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A Hot Minute With Miss USA

You might not immediately associate Adam Selman with pageant girls. But Selman has a history of costume design–he got his start working for the legendary Zaldy. So late last year, he created an epic, bald eagle-themed ensemble for Miss USA Olivia Jordan. The gladiator-style look featured massive red, white, and blue wings made of over 5,000 laser-cut feathers, serving as a representation of a traditional American costume for the Miss Universe pageant. Thus it was no surprise that Jordan turned up to support the designer at his MADE Fashion Week Fall/Winter ’16 show. We caught up with her to talk Miss Universe and her essential fashion week squad.

So I know that you have a personal relationship with Adam. How did you first get introduced to his work?

Well we worked through IMG/WME together, so that was the connecting dots. But he created my Miss Universe costume, and he brought everything that I had dreamed and imagined into life, but ten times better. I had so much fun working with him. He’s the nicest guy in the world. He has such a positive energy. He’s a really good guy. He’s a Texas guy, I’m an Oklahoma girl, so we bonded over that. I’m so excited to see his show. He’s been working so hard, since October. When he was working on my costume, he was also preparing for this.

And what was kind of the inspiration for the piece that he created for you?

Well, so every country wears their national costume. And because Miss USA doesn’t have, like, a traditional costume they wear every year, we get to create something. And I wanted to do an American eagle, because it hasn’t really been done before. But I didn’t know exactly what I was going to look like, I thought it was going to be in the vein of a Victoria’s Secret Angel. But he took that, and he made me part superhero, part American eagle and part angel.

Awesome. So is this your first time seeing his show at Fashion Week?

Yes! This is my third year at Fashion Week, and they’re just getting better and better. The shows that I’m going to are getting more and more fun. And this is my first time seeing Adam.

Is there anything you know to look out for that you’re sort of excited about?

No, I just love the way he plays.

And what are your Fashion Week essentials? Anything you always keep with you?

A squad. A whole team. It is not a one-person show.

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