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A Hot Minute with Model Gia Genevieve

Gia Genevieve is not your average model. Known for her retro pin-up look, she’s graced the covers of Galore and No Tofu with her smoldering stare and luscious pout. We ran into the sultry stunner at The Blonds fashion show, and took a moment to chat.

How’d you like the show?

I loved it. There was so much cute stuff.

What was your favorite look?

I really liked the black velvet jumper. It had the big bow in the back.

I liked the big puffy vest—we need those for when it’s freezing, cold outside.

Yeah, those are great. Like, the big bomber puffy jackets. You’re warm and then you still look glamorous. 

What are you going to do to celebrate now that Fashion Week is over?

I’m going to go to the Galore party. Prince and Jacob are good buddies of mine, so I’m going to hang out with them.

What’s your fave fashion week food? We interviewed 2 Chainz and he said that his Fashion Week diet is Chilean sea bass.

Thai food—everything Thai food. It’s somewhat healthy.

Do you have any favorite Netflix shows right now?

Yes! I just started watching Last Man On Earth. It’s hilarious. It’s this guy, and there was a huge disease that wiped out everyone on the planet, but there are a few people left and they’re all living together.

It’s a comedy?

Yeah it’s hilarious. I love it, so funny.

Well, I’ll let you get back to socializing. Have fun tonight!

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