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A Hot Minute With Natasha Lyonne And Jackie Cruz

At Adam Selman’s MADE Fashion Week show yesterday, we were struck by a number of celebrities. It was the coolest party we’ve ever been to; an eclectic group of creatives, all rocking the best outfits and having the best time. But then we heard it–the instantly recognizable voice, all gravelly and feminine at the same time. The voice that signified we were in the presence of greatness, of hilarity, of wit, of sheer New York perfection. Natasha Lyonne was in the building. The star, our favorite actress, was seated in the front row with her equally fantastic Orange Is the New Black co-star, Jackie Cruz, looking gorgeous in a red jumpsuit. We managed to briefly catch up with them just before the show started.

How are you doing? How’s your fashion week going?

JC: First show of the week.

And are you guys currently filming for OITNB?

JC: No, we finished.

Natasha, I loved that story about your apartment search—did you find a good one?

NL: Oh my God you don’t even know what’s going on right now in my real estate life. It’s a nightmare.

It’s a nightmare? What’s happening?

NL: Did you see what happened in the East Village today?

No, I’ve been here all day! What happened?

NL: Like, a whole fucking building burned down. [Ed. note: She’s referencing the explosion from last spring. Yesterday, five people were arrested in connection with the building collapse.]

JC: I didn’t even know! I was at home, sleeping.

NL: Anyway, suffice to say I’m moving back to the East Village. Yeah, it’s like right back where I started. I can’t get out of the East Village, try as I might.

JC: I just moved to Brooklyn, and I’m loving it. But it takes forty minutes to get everywhere.

NL: That’s why the fuck I don’t move to Brooklyn. Okay? Everybody loves Brooklyn until they gotta leave the house. That’s the great dilemma.

Some like it hot. If that includes you, check out more Hot Minutes.

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