A Hot Minute With Petra Collins

Petra Collins is one of the hottest young artists in New York; both literally and metaphorically — that hair is amazing! Collins recently released Babe, a book that serves as an archive of her online collective The Arduous. Besides Collins herself, the book features work from female artists including Jeanette Hayes, Sandy Kim, and Harley Weir, with a forward by friend and collaborator Tavi Gevinson. Rocking a white leotard, and super flared jeans, Petra gave us her take on fashion week, and how Adam Selman’s beautiful creations make her feel.

What did you do to celebrate the release of your new book?

I feel like I laid in bed and ate food. That’s definitely what I would do.

How’s your fashion week going?

It’s good! I don’t really do fashion week, but Adam Selman is awesome.

He’s the best. What do you like about his clothes?

They’re really – I hate saying “easy to wear,” but they’re really easy to wear! They fit really well, and they look good. I feel really powerful in them!

And they’re fun right? The FW15 collection was very John Waters, and I feel like it goes with your aesthetic. Would you agree?

Yeah, I died for it! And his first collection was what drew me to him. I was like, oh my God — it was that eighties feel.

Are you excited for any shows or parties coming up?

I actually have an installation with Refinery29 tonight. I’m doing a room at their party. I’m really excited about that!

Read more about Babe here, and stay tuned for interviews at MADE Fashion Week. 

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