A Hot Minute With The Misshapes

Since the mid-2000’s The Misshapes have dominated the New York City downtown DJ scene. Bringing together a mix of club kids, celebrities, and artists, when The Misshapes are on deck it’s sure to be a cool scene. So, no surprise when we ran into the duo at Jeremy Scott’s show, whose shows they’ve been attending for years.

We caught up with the pair to talk about the iconic designer and their favorite jams — both runway and dance floor appropriate.

It’s good to see you back here, you’re an all-time friend of Jeremy Scott.

Leigh Lezark: Yes, I love Jeremy! I’m so excited for his show today. I’m so proud of him. And his Moschino movie is premiering! I’m really excited to see that as well.

What’s your favorite Jeremy Scott look that you’ve worn? You wear his clothes all the time.

LL: Every season is my favorite look. And this season is — I’ve already seen it — it’s really good. I mean, he’s great. He just did the moonman for VMA’s.

And just got a star on the Walk of Fame!

LL: Yeah, he’s amazing. I love him and I’m really excited. I’ve seen it in photos, but I haven’t seen it moving yet.

What is your go-to song of the moment?

LL: Oh god, our go-to song of the moment…

Geordon Nicol: For DJ-ing? I mean ‘Can’t Feel My Face.’

LL: I was gonna say that!

GN: It’s an obvious one but everyone wants to hear it. The biggest request of the weekend — also on Diane Von Furstenberg’s runway. I also think on the runway this…

LL: Season!

GN: But, I think everyone is loving  FKA Twigs, the new FKA Twigs EP for the runway. This band called Maribou State is big on the runway. Also the Tamaryn record. It’s an amazing, amazing record. Which actually we played on our runway like five years ago when she only had a demo and she really made this huge — not pop record — this really dream pop record.

Wanna know who else was at the Jeremy Scott show? Check out the front row faces.

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Photo by Mitchell McLennan

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