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A Hot Minute With The Stars Of 'Bitch Better Have My Money'

Adam Selman has oft been associated with Rihanna, a longtime collaborator. But while she wasn’t in attendance at his Fall/Winter ’16 show at MADE Fashion Week, we may have gotten something better: the badass stars of her “Bitch Better Have My Money” video, Sita Abellan and Sanam. Abellan was Instafamous way before the release of the video; the Spanish model and DJ is renowned for her fantastic, sequin-heavy style. For Sanam, however, it was a real breakthrough. Since “BBHMM” came out, she’s amassed thousands of followers and become known for her eclectic, fabulously glamorous looks (Milk Makeup co-founder Zanna Roberts Rassi is obsessed with her aesthetic). We were stoked to talk to the both of them.

How’s your fashion week been so far?

Sanam: I just got here the day before yesterday, I’ve been tired.

Sita: I have been busy, but I’m really excited to see the new collections of all the designers.

What are your plans for the rest of the week?

Sanam: I’m hosting a party tomorrow, and then I think I’m going to stay until next week. Probably go to a few more shows. But I never know what I’m doing until, like, the morning of.

You both have multicolored hair. When did you dye it?

Sanam: Mine’s been blue/green for a couple months now. It was red before that, then yellow before that, and pink before that.

Sita: [Laughs] Mine purple, then pink, then blonde, then pink, then blue, and now it’s orange and black.

Is there a color that you would never do?

Sanam: I don’t know! I probably wouldn’t do yellow again. I think I’m gonna go back to black soon.

What are you guys gonna do to warm up this weekend? Have you heard that it’s gonna be below zero?

Sita: This weekend?

Sanam: I didn’t hear that, actually.

Sita: This weekend I’m gonna DJ. That’s the only thing I know.

Sanam: I’m gonna be sleeping. Hopefully.

You two met doing the BBHMM video, right? Did you form a tight-knit crew? Are you all still in touch?

Sita: Well actually, we knew each other from Instagram. So when we were there I was like, “What the fuck? Sanam is here!” I was like “Whoa, really?” We were, like, following each other since a few years ago, that’s why it was really funny.

Sanam: I mean we’re all busy, but we definitely all link up when we’re here.

I know you were both pretty well-known before the video, but your careers seemed to have blown up afterwards. Has there been a real effect? 

Sanam: Well, I mean, I wasn’t well-known. I worked at a plant store before the video came out. I was very low-key. But yeah, it’s been great.

Oh, 5,000 followers or so. 

Sanam: No, not even! Like 2 or 3,000. But yeah, I mean it’s definitely given me a platform, which is nice.

And what’s your goal with this platform?

Sanam: I’m not sure what I want to do yet. Right now I’m working on curating an art show for Salvation Artist, I’m starting to work with Milk, and I have a bunch of other projects going on. I’m moving here at the end of the month, I’m just busy.

Sita: I’m still modeling, and now I’m starting to produce my music.

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