A Hot Minute With The Stars of Empire

Empire is everything. Everything. So when we saw two stars from the campiest, sudsiest, and most compelling show on television, we freaked the fuck out. Grace Gealey, who plays the scheming Anika, more commonly known as Boo Boo Kitty, and Kaitlin Doubleday, who plays blowjob bib-wearer Rhonda, attended the Cushnie et Ochs show. We caught up with the stars to talk the depths of Empire‘s costume closet, and both ladies’ recent engagements.

How are you enjoying fashion week so far?

Doubleday: Loving it!

Gealey: We love it! We love New York.

Doubleday: Just watching the street fashion, everyone looks amazing.

You guys shoot in Chicago, right?

Both: We do!

Are you in production right now?

Both: Yes!

So what are you most looking forward to this fashion week?

Gealey: It’s like an amalgamation of so many exciting things.

So, you both love Cushnie?

Gealey: Yes! I’m wearing Cushnie and I love it!

What do you think about your wardrobes on the show? You wear some pretty fabulous stuff.

Gealey: Oh yeah, we love it.

Doubleday: I’d say this year even more than last year. Since we’re already a success brands are like throwing stuff at us. Everything I could’ve ever dreamed of is in Rhonda’s closet.

It’s the best show. Best show in the world. Kaitlin, your sister Portia is on the other best show in the world! Are you a big fan of Mr. Robot?

Doubleday: Totally. How exciting is that! I love it, are you kidding?

Grace, congratulations on your engagement!  

Gealey: And hers!

You’re engaged as well! But, I assume that unlike Grace, your fiancée does not play your stepson?

Gealey: Well, mine doesn’t either!

Oh, they lived together, they were basically married.

Doubleday: There was no marriage between Anika and Lucious!

Stay tuned for more interviews at MADE Fashion Week. Empire returns on September 23rd. 

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