The Seinfeld-loving rapper, Wale.



A Hot Minute With Rapper Wale

Pyer Moss was a fantastic show experience. Live chamber musicians and a choir really added to the epic, operatic feel, and the clothes were perfectly tailored. It was special for a number of reasons, but one aspect of the show was truly, highly unique: it started on time. Runway shows are pretty much always delayed, at least by a couple minutes. We think that Pyer Moss’ punctuality was the reason major rapper Wale didn’t have a seat. He stood up like the rest of we plebeians, but he had a great attitude, smiling and nodding in approval throughout the show. We were so jealous of his giant fur coat, perfect for today’s frigid temperatures that we had to catch up with him after the show. Disclaimer: We did not steal his coat. We sort of wish we had.

So how was the show?
It was dope.

I love your Seinfeld mixtape. What is your favorite episode?

Well, I never really could have a favorite episode. It’s a body of work. All of them are weaved in together. It’s like one long episode, technically. I’ve never really found a favorite one.

I really liked the one where George’s fiancée dies licking the envelopes.

That’s a twisted one. That was a swerve they had for that season finale. I remember that.  

Besides Seinfeld, what are your favorite TV shows?

I like Narcos. I like El Patron de Mal. I like OJ Simpson v. The People.

That’s the best show ever! When is the next time we can expect new music from you? 

Probably summertime.

Some like it hot. If that includes you, check out more Hot Minutes.

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