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A Hot Minute With Whoopi Goldberg

There’s one presence that we can always count on at MADE Fashion Week. While yes, hip artists and club kids have a tendency to storm our halls, there’s one person that’s a little unexpected: Whoopi Goldberg. She turned up at Gypsy Sport’s men’s presentation, so it wasn’t hugely shocking that she came to their Fall/Winter ’16 show today–but it was delightful. The whole room was stoked to see her, and she gamely smiled and posed for pictures (including one with a close friend of mine, who once wrote a ten-minute speech about Goldberg entitled¬†“Whoop! There It Is”). We caught up for a brief chat about style and Sister Act 3.

It’s great to meet you. So I know you went to the Gypsy Sport men’s presentation, what are you looking forward to in this one?

Just more beauty. More beauty.

What is it about it you love so much?

The greatest thing about Gypsy Sport is that you can wear it and it doesn’t date you. Sometimes you see women of a certain age wearing stuff and it’s really inappropriate. Never this stuff. This stuff is always appropriate and you feel good because you feel like you’re hip.

You are hip! I always see you at our shows, and it’s so fun, this embrace of young, interesting designers.

Well, you know, young, interesting designers are the folks who are dictating what’s happening. If I can only do the pants, I can only do the pants, because sometimes the tops are too small for me. Or they’re too “uh oh.” Y’know? Midriffs, and you don’t wanna be showing all that.

I can’t do that.

Okay, so you know. You look for what you can work with, and there’s always something in this brand, which is why I love it.

I wanted to ask you about Sister Act 3. Is it happening?

I do believe they’re making one. I think they’re starting it from a different place, but it’s not with me.

Sacrilege! That’s horrible!

Oh no, it’s okay. [Laughs]

Time to turn up the heat. Check out our other Hot Minutes right this way.

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