For "Helena," 14-year-old photographer Allie Von Spreckelsen played with cinematic mood lighting.



A New Met Exhibit Will Make You Jealous of a 6-year-old

Imagine getting your macaroni necklace from kindergarten hung up in a world renowned museum, and that’s pretty much what’s been going down in the Met’s most recent exhibition, P.S. Art 2016.

An annual celebration that spotlights artwork from public school art programs across New York City, the exhibit is showcasing 90 pieces made by public school students, from pre-K all the way up to 12th grade.

From 1,205 submissions and 420 semifinalists, judges from the Department of Ed and Studio in a School created the exhibition to celebrate “the students’ journeys and discoveries from early childhood to young adulthood.”

One student in particular has created a lot of buzz: 18-year-old Cliffannie Forrester has accomplished an artist’s lifelong dream of being in a museum before high school graduation.

“Uganda,” by Cliffannie Forrester—who is 17 by the way, in case you weren’t already feeling bad about yourself today!

Inspired by a mission trip to Uganda, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and empowering little girls, Forrester’s work is, in the words of her art teacher, so “compelling” that “we are all transformed.”

One of the youngest participants was Aiden Parker, a six-year-old special education student. In a lesson in printmaking, Parker created this piece, which his art teacher casually called a “masterpiece.”

aiden parker
“Untitled,” by Aiden Parker, casual six-year-old.

Aside for forcing you to seriously rethink your life choices, this annual exhibit also proves the importance of encouraging children’s artistic ability and imagination. Kids, man.

You can go check out “P.S. Art 2016” at The Met until October 23rd. Or peruse the artworks online here.

Stay tuned to Milk for more young artists on the rise. 

Images via the Met.

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