According to a new study, artists, musicians, and actors share the same traits as psychopaths, which explains why most of our past relationships ended tragically.



A New Study Just Proved That Your Artist Ex is a Psychopath

If you’ve ever visited an art school, dated an artist, or simply walked past someone screaming in the middle of Chelsea outside of a gallery, congratulations. You’ve successfully flirted with danger. A new study just confirmed why our Tinder date with the guy whose bio reads “art director” for “self-employed” was the worst manmade disaster since the BP oil spill. According to the Personality and Individual Differences journal, artists, actors, and musicians all apparently share “psychopathic traits.”

We’d like to say we aren’t worried about this new discovery considering our incessant daydreams of pushing tourists into traffic, but then we’d be lying. No longer is the prospect of having an artistic boyfriend or girlfriend who writes you love songs as romantic as it once was. Now it’s just plain suspicious. And as exhilarating as it might be to create sensual, abstract art with the Love Is Art Canvas and Paint Kit you bought on Amazon, such a pastime might also land you a deadly role in the next IRL American Psycho

When it comes to art, everyone's a little bit psycho.
When it comes to art, everyone’s a little bit psycho.

The good news is that it’s not all doom, gloom, and blood-stained canvases. According to The Daily Mail, in many cases creativity is associated with prosocial psychopathic traits, rather than antisocial ones like cruelty and meanness, that might even make someone a better artist. “Emotional disinhibition, in the form of psychopathic boldness, is actually integral to some creative personalities and functionally related to the creative process,” the study says.

We’ve always had a feeling that creative types might be legitimately psychotic, but then again who isn’t? Any anyway, it’s all part of their craft; even if an actor calls someone sugar tits, a musician creates passive-aggressive albums about their ex-boyfriends, or an artist maybe cuts off their own earlobe, they’re still creating something beautiful from their blood, sweat, and tears.

Stay tuned to Milk for more psychosis. 

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